About Us

The Cape Ann TimeBank is a network of people who show that we care by rewarding people for helping each other. Our mission is to build an empowered community among a wide range of residents of the North Shore of Boston that contribute to each other’s well-being through giving and receiving services.

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An Alternative Economy

TimeBanks are alternative economies based on time rather than dollars. Members offer services to each other, earning hours that they can then use to ask for services from other members. Every member’s time is valued equally, so, for example, an hour of a doctor’s time is equal to an hour of a dog walker’s time.


An Intentional Community

In addition to being an alternative economy, the TimeBank is intentional about building a community. Members host monthly social events, e.g., a potluck meal, a game night, or an open mic. Sometimes we hold dances, yard sales, or plant swaps that are open to the public.


How It Works

We use a members-only website to let other members know what services we are offering and what we would like to receive. A part-time paid coordinator and a team of member/volunteers help new members learn how to use the site and generally to have a positive experience as a TimeBank member.

We encourage members to offer services that they are good at and are fun for them. We want people to enjoy earning their Time Dollars. Members offer and ask for basic services like a meal or a ride, and they also use the TimeBank for more special experiences like kayaking or massage.

Join Our Community

Joining is simple. Click below to sign-up online.

After you submit the online form we will contact you within 24-48 hours to help you complete your membership process.