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Clay Kern

To me CATB is community. I have met so many wonderful people that I now call friends. As someone who enjoys helping people, it is nice to to get help in return. CATB takes the old school idea of helping your neighbor and extends it throughout a broad community of neighbors who may otherwise never meet.

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Lee Lewis

The TimeBank restored my missing family to me—literally. I told one member who does genealogy that I'd been looking for my mother's side of the family for years. All I had to go by was a picture with an old barn in it. This woman went to an old barn website and found my family. I've met dozens of new cousins and they're great people, I just love them. I couldn't have asked for more!

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Mary Ann Wenniger

For two weeks following my operation, TimeBank members delivered delicious meals. It feels especially good not to be regarded as a passive recipient of this generosity but to know that the resources that I have to offer are valued in return. The TimeBank provides you a place to both give to and receive from an awfully nice group of people.


Jarrett Carpenter

I enjoy being part of the TimeBank because I believe that we need to find ways to exchange value outside of our current economy if, let’s say, we have a financial crash brought about by the climate crisis. As an international development practitioner, I hope to bring solutions-based models like this to communities in the developing world, where often there is an abundance of time and craftsmanship but little access to modern banking and financial systems.

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Caren Morningstar

My TimeBank membership has been very satisfying. I have been able to meet folks I might have never met the opportunity to participate in my Yoga classes for time dollars. And I have been delighted to be the recipient of custom-made dinners. I feel well taken care of!